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All you want to know about iPhone 5 S and 5 C

There is a new iPhone? Okay, so I can be completely accurate, there are two types of phones iPhone new, but the iPhone 5 S is the main phone this time, which is already the best what you can buy it, yes it seemed to us similar to the design of iPhone 5, which we saw last year, but with several improvements internal , that would make everything work faster, or twice as fast, or faster five times!

But anyway, let's recall what was stated in the conference in order of events:

iOS 7

  • Tim Cook talked about the iOS operating system and said that during the next month, the number of iOS devices will be approximately 700 million units
  • I turn Tim to talk about the iOS 7 and features new, such as improving the design and system alerts and add engine Benq Search + system iOS 7 provides Radio iTunes where you can configure Mahtatk special + Siri Siri now you can search for Twitter, Wikipedia and other services + system has iOS 7 to more than 200 A new feature will launch date iOS 7 in 18 of the current month of September
  • Center received alerts in iOS 7 system on a large development which is designed to help the user to see the state of the atmosphere and data traffic on the situation, next to alert the user to deadlines that had been set in advance.
  • He then moved to talk about the application of iWork and iMovie and their being Qadman in Free
  • IPhone is still 5 of the best-selling hardware to the present time

IPhone 5 specifications CNN

  • 8 Miqa pixels camera rear and front camera works HD resolution and supports online conversations service "FaceTime", and that the phone running the new iOS 7. And A6 processor for the iPhone 5 Si phone will support LTE
  • Supports connection fourth generation
  • Screen is a 4-inch type Ritna
  • Manufacturer of polypropylene Krbunayat
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • IPhone 5 C rates in America will be at $ 99 for 16GB and 32GB version will be $ 199 with a two-year contract with communications companies
  • There will be a price of $ 29 portfolio of its own

  • Will be available in five colours are green, yellow, white, blue and pink

IPhone 5 S

  • IPhone 5 S coming in gold, silver and gray with black stone
  • Phone 40 times faster than the original iPhone

  • IOS 7 system is fully compatible with the new processor
  • Support new A7 processor to 64-bit technology, the fastest 56% of the processor used in the iPhone 5

  • Been reviewing the new processor capabilities of the phone via a staff member of a company producing Epic Games Infinity Blade Game 3

  • Phone iPhone 5s will be the fastest rate of 40% over the previous Balaifun. It also supports OpenGL 3.0 ES language the new version 3.0
  • IPhone 5 S will be better than the previous battery for a battery life of ten hours of talk on 3G networks and ten hours of browsing through LTE and ten hours of video playback and 40 hours of music Chgbl

  • The camera has been improved sensors and enlarge the size of the pixels in the image
  • Dual LED flash for the rear camera in order to get better pictures in low-light
  • Imaging is capable of 720p video with slow motion
  • Has the ability to shoot 10 images per second and slow imaging speeds are 120 frames per second

  • Cruise pictures in the iPhone 5 S
  • The phone has a camera feature to capture many images and then choose the best image you
  • Has the advantage of preventing vibration in pictures
  • Panorama images can be taken sized 28 Miqa the pixels in the iPhone 5 S
  • IPhone 5 S camera flash carry variable colors
  • The device will contain fingerprint reader Touch ID with the start button

  • You can use a fingerprint scanner to enter the applications without enter كملة password
  • IPhone 5C phone will be available for pre-order on September 13, and the purchase on September 20,
  • IPhone 5s will be fired and the iPhone 5c in 9 countries, including China for the first time
  • IPhone 5S will be issued in 100 countries by year-end
  • IPhone 5 feed rate of $ 199 for the 16 GB version, and $ 299 for a 32 GB version, and finally $ 399 for a 64 GB version

Skype adds video messaging application on Windows 8 Phone

The program famous Skype conversation today updates applied to the system and Windows Phone 8 to bring this feature video messages that were awaited by a lot of users.
If your friend is online and you want to inform him of something, you can send a video message by pressing the + button and then icon Video Message that appears when you open a file friend then start recording video message that does not exceed Duration 3 minutes with the possibility of View section before carrying out transmission, and that the recipient can delete this message and reply you.
This was not a free service beginning its launch last February, but was Microsoft allows the user to send only 20 video message and then begins to pay about $ 5 per month.
Skype has been celebrated since Week almost the 10 years, with 300 million active users actual service, where the number of voice and video calls over the life of the company more than 1.4 trillion a call, or an estimated 2.6 million years of calls.
It is noteworthy that there was an earlier report issued by the newspaper, the BBC reported that Microsoft is preparing to launch a new option within Skype video calls called three-dimensional 3D video calling, and that will be targeted in particular those who can not travel to attend meetings.

Google Plus allow you to download all the pictures of events

Google Plus have made it possible to download all the images that are uploaded to any event on your social network easily and a single batch.
And can be through the event page on the web version of the social network and then clicking on the "actions" and select "Download Photo Event" and all pictures will be downloaded at once.
The Google Plus has launched a feature events in a new way different from the existing style in Facebook, where users can people attending the event to raise photo event was part to be assembled all within one common album including easy to follow all the pictures easily.

Google launched a new interface for Google +

Launched Google faced a new network of social google + , the new interface looks much better than the previous one and connected to the services of Google other Kalliotop, participation has become much easier than before, for example, wish to post a video from Aluotob with your friends in Google +, click on the button to participate in Page Aluotob next to your name and add the menu that would like to share the video with them and comment, the new interface much bigger than the previous and view photos and albums, add comments to them easier and faster than the previous interface

Can modify the context menu as you want, in the side menu there is a button display the most prevalent now, a similar service for the Trends in Twitter, where it displays the more links that are posted by users of Google +, Google also improved profile of the users "picture below", where the added background similar to the present in Facebook


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