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Google launched a new interface for Google +

Launched Google faced a new network of social google + , the new interface looks much better than the previous one and connected to the services of Google other Kalliotop, participation has become much easier than before, for example, wish to post a video from Aluotob with your friends in Google +, click on the button to participate in Page Aluotob next to your name and add the menu that would like to share the video with them and comment, the new interface much bigger than the previous and view photos and albums, add comments to them easier and faster than the previous interface

Can modify the context menu as you want, in the side menu there is a button display the most prevalent now, a similar service for the Trends in Twitter, where it displays the more links that are posted by users of Google +, Google also improved profile of the users "picture below", where the added background similar to the present in Facebook