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Skype adds video messaging application on Windows 8 Phone

The program famous Skype conversation today updates applied to the system and Windows Phone 8 to bring this feature video messages that were awaited by a lot of users.
If your friend is online and you want to inform him of something, you can send a video message by pressing the + button and then icon Video Message that appears when you open a file friend then start recording video message that does not exceed Duration 3 minutes with the possibility of View section before carrying out transmission, and that the recipient can delete this message and reply you.
This was not a free service beginning its launch last February, but was Microsoft allows the user to send only 20 video message and then begins to pay about $ 5 per month.
Skype has been celebrated since Week almost the 10 years, with 300 million active users actual service, where the number of voice and video calls over the life of the company more than 1.4 trillion a call, or an estimated 2.6 million years of calls.
It is noteworthy that there was an earlier report issued by the newspaper, the BBC reported that Microsoft is preparing to launch a new option within Skype video calls called three-dimensional 3D video calling, and that will be targeted in particular those who can not travel to attend meetings.